New Idea proposal

Lolita fashion and graphic design

I am going to collaborate with a lolita model and a photgrapher to create a fairytale layout and images using my illustration skills to make make a mixed media images for the layout.I want to make three double page spreads about lolita fashion,containing a interview with my going to be collaborating with the model throughout the project,collaborating on planning,style and poses.

The social,historical and cultural context of my collaboration will be im going to plan and work with the model on the final artifacts through out the project i will be doing lots of research into illustration,fashion photography,model poses,lighting,the history of lolita modelling,digital colouring and photo manipulation.

Im going to need photography skills,illustration and photoshop digital colouring and also magazine layout,typography.

This project relates to my personal interest in japanese fashion and illustration,and will help me have a greater understanding of modelling,programs and help me practice my illustration skills and love of all things fantasy and surreal.

At the end of this project i hope to have a well design fantasy layout some nice fashion phtography a blog showing my process and interviews with my model and phtographer.


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